A Very Royal Week

Everything seems to be focussed on the royals this week, with the arrival of Her Majesty The Queen visiting our lovely city Chichester on the 30th November, the first time in 27 years, the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s engagement, and THEN the advert I saw on the front of the TV Magazines whilst queuing up this morning for a pint of milk… the hit TV series The Crown is back, I am not sure which of the 3 royal subjects I am more exited about!

As a milliner, I study the Royal family closely (from a fashion point of view of course) and just love the varied hats, the one thing about Her Majesty The Queen is that she always pulls off those bright bold colours.

What I do know is next May, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markel finally wed in Windsor Castle, all eyes will be glued on the celebs and their outfits! I cannot wait to see what hats, fascinators and headpieces are shown off at the wedding of the year. Lets hope the fashion has moved on from these!

I am sure the Spring Summer 2018 collections from all the fashion houses, which will be announced at London Fashion week on February 16th will come through at the party (sorry wedding) of the year. My thoughts and designs are already being planned for the next Clare Louise Millinery collection! Watch this space