Keeping up with the trends!

This week saw the launch of my new Autumn Winter 2017 collection of bespoke handmade hats. From vibrant violets and rocking reds, to more subtle colours such as saffron and soft grey. I love playing with the colours, but the textures that can be created on a hat are stunning! The use of feathers and fur are perfect for the autumn.

But as we all know, fashion doesn’t stay still! With London Fashion Week just over a month ago it was fascinating to see all the fabrics, styles and colours that will be coming in the Spring Summer 2018 season.

Here are 5 tips from the LFW17

Greenery is the top colour for SS18

  1. Clothing is all about layering up and sheer fabrics
  2. The nautical theme is still around, instead of straight lines it will be about the s-lines
  3. The textile trend is tartan
  4. Best quote from LFW ‘Glitter is for the day, not just the night’ Victoria Beckham

So, back to the here and now… if you would like to see the Autumn/Winter collection first hand, then come and see me at the Rare Brand Market on the 16th November at Goodwood Race Course, Chichester or view my shop for more details.

5 reasons Why I Love Millinery (And You Should, Too!)

Couture Millinery has become my life passion, being able to create beautiful works of art to compliment an array of outfits and events. So why should we all love millinery?

  1. Expressing the personality of its wearer from embellished headbands to wide brimmed dress hats.
  2. Oh so British! Royal weddings will always see a surge in hats as will the pageantry of Royal Ascot and other racing events.
  3. The varied history of hat making, and the trends through the years… just fascinating!
  4. Celebrities and iconic women, such as Audrey Hepburn who have brought hats to the fashion forefront.
  5. Adapting hats to create the overall look, from vintage pillboxes to look the part at events such as the Goodwood Revival or being the proud Mother of the Bride at the wedding of the year.

This is why we love British Millinery and creating handmade bespoke hats for every occasion, for a consultation or to find inspiration on the perfect hat, email me or call me to arrange a consultation


Royal Ascot Overview 2017

As Royal Ascot 2017 comes to a close, I’ve found it fascinating as a milliner to see what crazy as well as chic styles there has been! From fashion fails to sheer perfection Ascot has definitely seen everything (good and bad) this year!

One great thing that has come from Royal Ascot 2017 is the jumpsuit which has made it onto the new dress code list, and I do think the classic jumpsuit is here to stay!

The Queen, dressed in beautiful bold colours such as lime green and pink, looked stunning even at 91 with the Duchess of Cambridge looking beautifully chic in her Alexander Mcqueen lacy number.

Big bold florals and pinks seemed to steal the show. There were so many beautiful hats, I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite feathers and butterflies certainly had a place this season, mind you, I would say that sometimes bigger isn’t better!

Temperatures reached a soaring 33 degrees, so the lovely ladies wearing a thick layer of self tan certainly found that in the heat… you can melt! The streaky patchy look was certainly noticed throughout. I do love checking out the latest fashion faux pas!

The best part of Ascot for me was having our lovely ladies send me photos of their day, our wonderful competition winner Andrea Mills and one of our other customers Lara Goldsmith, looking very ‘race chic’ It makes me so proud to see the hats I’ve made showcased at such a prestigious event.

Next on the list is the ‘glorious’ Qatar Goodwood Festival, working day and night at the moment with the orders coming in for the August Racing Festival. So if you haven’t got your hat sorted yet for Goodwood, contact me and we can get you organised, you never know, you may be ‘papped’ wearing one of the Clare Louise Millinery Bespoke hats!

Our Glorious Winner of a Beautiful Bespoke Hat

We had such amazing response to our latest competition at Clare Louise Millinery, there are so many people out there who deserve a hat for their event, whether that’s for a wedding or for Royal Ascot, so thank you to everyone who engaged with us on facebook.

But there can be only one winner… drum roll please… that was the lovely Andrea Mills from Littlehampton, West Sussex, who I have to add, has never won anything in a competition before! Andrea was incredibly surprised.

Andrea is an avid fan of the Qatar Goodwood Festival and heads up to the racecourse at least 3 times during the festival week, she will also be showcasing her beautiful hat at Royal Ascot this year! And also had an added bonus of a second hat for hire for a wedding in Spain.

In an interview while she was having her bespoke hat designed, Andrea told me ‘I am always a hat wearer, and any occasion I will find an excuse to wear one. After losing 2 stone with slimming world, my confidence has grown more and more with finding outfits and hats to compliment’

Andreas friend summed it up in a message after saying… “OMG !!! That couldn’t have happened to a more deserving, hat loving, hat needing, gorgeous girl! Fabulous! you look beautiful in both xxx”

For more information on how to get your hands on a stunning bespoke hat, please contact me via our website or call me on 07901 717900

Mad as a Hatter!

For those of you who know me, or we have met through my millinery consultation appointment, you will know this title is quite apt! I just love hats, mad about them! Beavering away till early hours of the morning threading, sewing and sculpting the perfect hat that is as unique as you, but did you know where the term ‘Mad as a Hatter’ came from? Or anything about the history of wearing hats?

Did you know the earliest record of hat-wearing comes from a cave at Lussac-les-Châteaux in central France. The rock drawings there are 15,000 years old and we’ve been putting things on our heads ever since.

I can’t imagine they would have the style and sophistication of the 21st century, they certainly wouldn’t have had the amazing materials such as beads and peacock feathers more a cap or material for practical purposes.

Bringing us more to the present day and away from caveman times, our second fascinating, (yet a little gory) fact is hats were used to poison people- literally! The term, ‘Mad as a Hatter’ comes from the process of using mercury, a highly toxic liquid which when exposed for prolonged periods can cause severe damage to the nervous system, with dementia type systems. I promise you, this would never happen at Clare Louise Millinery! You are in safe hands.

In 1960 hats became less popular, when beehive hair dos would not accommodate them. However when Princess Diana started wearing them, and Philip Treacy began designing for the Royal family, they made a huge comeback, and have been a very important part of the outfit ever since.

The wonder of wearing a hat can transform a complete look, and portrays a unique image to the individual wearing it. Combining style, fashion and attitude, the hat can give any message the wearer desires.

So my question to you, do you choose your hat first or your outfit? If this perplexes you, contact Clare Edmonds of Clare Louise Millinery or Creations Hair Salon in Chichester to book for the style event Chic! The Race is On 24th May 5:30pm to get the low down on how to dress for the 2017 race season.

Vicky Booker our Style Guru, along with Clare Louise Millinery and Creations Hair Salon will help you achieve the perfect look for Goodwood or Ascot this year.

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