What will the Mother of the Bride Hat look like in 100 years time?

Visual futurists all over the world are predicting all kinds of trends, what will technology look like in 100 years time? How will we conduct our social life 100 years from now? How will we interact with our family even 50 years from now? What will life look like?

Being in the fashion industry, creating bespoke handmade hats, I often look to the past for inspiration, but I often wonder what fashion will look like in the future? I mean… have you seen cyberpunk? It will be robot girls wearing cyber dresses with geek gas masks and geometric hats!

If you search for futuristic fashions, you tend to get a feel of the whole steam punk, post apocalyptic trends at the moment, I wonder if 100 years ago, they also looked to the future wondering how fashion would be?

Turning the attention to the wedding of the future, and what outfit the mother of the bride will be wearing, I am hoping, as fashion usually does, the decades will come back around again, who knows, it may be the gorgeous Cloche hat of the roaring 1920’s with a futuristic crazy twist!

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